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Commission Information

Gavel with FlagChapter 3318 and Chapter 153 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) set forth the provisions of law governing the Commission and all of the programs administered by the Commission.


Members are notified of the meetings in advance and are given an agenda, the meeting location, and other relevant information. At each meeting, Commission staff present items for Commission approval. Commission members have the opportunity to ask questions of staff members regarding specific projects, contracts, or other matters. All meetings are open to the public and subject to the Open Meeting Law.

Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Each Commission meets quarterly at the Ohio Statehouse in House Hearing Room 121. A member of the OFCC staff serves as the secretary of each Commission. The secretary keeps minutes of each meeting reflecting all official actions taken. At each meeting, the Commission approves the minutes taken at the previous meeting.

Public Testimony

Anyone requesting to present testimony is required to submit a Testimony Request Slip provided by the Commission. The Commission’s secretary requests 10 copies of any written material to distribute. No person is permitted to testify unless acknowledged by the Chair of the Commission.

Voting - Resolutions

All the proceedings of the Commission are governed by parliamentary rules as set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order. Two voting members constitute a quorum. An affirmative vote of two members is necessary for approval of any action taken by the Commission.

When a vote of the Commission is required, a written resolution is presented to Commission Members. Typically, staff members present each resolution and providebackground on the action item. Members have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions. The Chairman asks if there is a motion to approve the resolution and a roll call vote is taken from the voting members. Resolutions are then approved, disapproved or tabled for a later meeting.