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The Ohio Facilities Construction (OFC) Commission

Ohio StatehouseChapter 3318 and Chapter 153 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) set forth the provisions of law governing the Commission and all of the programs administered by the Commission. ORC Section 123.21 describes the powers of the Commission including contracting authority and the ability to appoint Commission staff.

Established in 2012 with the merger of the Ohio School Facilities Commission and the former Office of the State Architect, the OFC Commission guides capital projects for state agencies, state-supported universities and community colleges and most of Ohio's public kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) schools. The Commission sets forth uniform rules, procedures and standardized documents for public construction delivery methods, construction documents and process and procedures.

The OFC Commission, by statute, consists of three members: the Director of the Office of Budget and Management, the Director of Administrative Services and a member whom the Governor appoints.

OFC Commission Members

Timothy S. Keen, Chairman, Director of the Office of Budget and Management
Robert Blair, Vice Chairman, Director of the Department of Administrative Services
Gary C. Mohr, Appointed by the Governor, Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
OFC Commission Meeting Schedule and Minutes