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Groundbreakings and Dedications

GroundbreakingGroundbreaking and school dedication ceremonies are exciting and memorable events.We have provided a Groundbreakings and Dedications Tool Kit to help districts plan for these special days.

Once your event is planned, please submit your event notification to OFCC at info@ofcc.ohio.gov.


Date School District/Owner County Event Time Building / Project
01/10/2016  Northmont City  Montgomery Dedication 2:00 PM New High School
12/15/2015  Napoleon Area City Schools  Henry  Dedication  5:30 PM  Napoleon Elementary School 
12/06/2015  Ridgemont Local  Hardin  Dedication 2:00 PM  New K-12 School 
11/24/2015  City of Chardon Geauga   Open House  5:00 PM  Heritage House 
11/23/2015  ODOT-Fulton County  Fulton  Groundbreaking  11:00 AM Shared Use Facility