The application period is now closed. The deadline to apply was August 31, 2017. The deadline to submit for reimbursement is May 31, 2018.

Lead Fixture Replacement Assistance Grant Program Resources

Sampling and Testing

Sampling must be done in accordance to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) sampling protocol.

Use an EPA-certified testing laboratory. Laboratories must have "lead" or "trace metals" listed in the Inorganics column of the table linked below.


Eligibility Exclusions


Please review the grant eligibility before applying for grant reimbursement.

Water fountains/coolers that have been previously recalled are not eligible for reimbursement. A master list of recalled water fountains/coolers is available in Appendix E of the U.S. EPA "3Ts for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Schools" Technical Guidance toolkit. The state will not reimburse fixtures found on this list.


Additionally, services performed by environmental consultants, county health departments or other providers are NOT reimbursable under this program. The program and associated funds are also not designed to reimburse for any types of whole-school plumbing assessments, post-testing or any other services outside the program guidelines.