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No.QuestionAnswerCreated at
1If a school is a Dropout Prevention school, and “Meets Expectations”, are they eligible to apply, or would it be rejected? A dropout prevention school must receive a rating of “exceeds standards,” according to section 501.10 (C) of Am. Sub. HB 64. So they would not be eligible. - Please see the eligible schools list.4/12/2016 11:33 AM
2If a school has a five-year lease with an option to renew for an additional five-year term, would that be acceptable?No. The Commission-approved guidelines require the term of the lease extend at least 10 years from substantial completion of the project. This corresponds to the term of the grant agreement. A five-year lease with a renewal is not compliant with the Commission guidelines and grant requirements. 4/13/2016 10:47 AM
3I reviewed the list of eligible schools and our organization is not listed, even though we had high performing schools during the eligibility years posted beginning in 2012-2013. The list of eligible operators, option 2 does include our organization. Can you interpret our eligibility for applying for our existing schools as high performing schools? Since our organization is listed as an eligible operator, Option 2, I am interpreting the information to mean that we can move forward with applying for the grant to replicate a community school.If an existing community school is not on the list, the governing authority for the school is not eligible to apply based on the eligibility criteria; however, the governing authority of a newly established school may apply as long that governing authority contracts with an eligible operator identified on the list.4/15/2016 10:43 AM
4Regarding the grant, can we use funding as reimbursement for expenses used in this fiscal year?Reimbursement for eligible expenses incurred after the effective date of the enabling legislation (July 1, 2015) will be allowed.4/15/2016 10:44 AM
5When applying for new schools, is the applicant the operator? No4/18/2016 2:29 PM
6Is a new school required to have an IRN before applying?Yes4/18/2016 2:29 PM
7 I noted the question on the website about the five-year lease. What if a school is in the third year of a ten-year lease? Is that acceptable, or should we plan to create an addenda to the lease? See Q/A #2 4/18/2016 2:30 PM
8Are there certain requirements that a design professional must meet? The decision of employement of a design firm is left to the discretion of the school; however, the firm used must be a licensed architectural or licensed professional engineering firm. 4/18/2016 2:31 PM
9Is there a minimum number of points an application must receive to be awarded? There are no minimums; however, Applicants must receive at least a “Meets” score rating on Secondary Criteria questions E1, E2 and C3.4/18/2016 2:33 PM
10Will the number of applications submitted and amount of requested funds be made public? If so, when? A list of applicants will be published once the application period is closed. Information regarding the amount of funding requested and any specific grants will be published once the awards have been finalized.4/18/2016 2:33 PM
11Who is the applicant contact, the school’s principal? Is the legal contact the operatorThe school can select an applicant contact and a legal notices contact that is most appropriate for them. 4/18/2016 2:34 PM
12Who signs the application, the school principal or the governing board chair? Someone legally authorized to represent the school and affirm the accuracy of the application.4/18/2016 2:44 PM
13If we are in the process of obtaining an IRN, but it has not been officially approved by the time we submit our application, does that deem the school ineligible? The newly established school must have an IRN to apply. All contracts are due to the Ohio Department of Education by May 15, 2016 which should result in the school having an IRN by that date. This can be expedited upon the request of the school to the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Quality School Choice. 4/19/2016 1:34 PM
14Are the following items eligible local contributions that count toward the match requirement?

1. Federal Historic Tax Credits

2. New Market Tax Credits

3. Grant funding

4. Funds already expended to purchase the property

5. Funds already expended on design or architect fees
The school must have local contributions amounting to at least 50 percent of the proposed project budget. This is the match requirement.

1. Federal tax credit equity would count as a local contribution toward the match requirement. Please keep in mind that title to the state-funded assets must remain with the school over the term of the grant agreement; transferring ownership of the state-funded assets—especially to a for-profit entity—is prohibited (see §8.2 of the grant agreement).

2. Same answer as #1.

3. Grant funds would count as a local contribution toward the match requirement if the grant funds are not state funds and are not subject to unmet qualifications.

4. The value of the site on which the project is being constructed would not count as a local contribution toward the match requirement unless both of the following apply: (1) acquisition of the site is part of the proposed project and (2) the acquisition of the site occurred on or after July 1, 2015.

5. Funds previously expended on the proposed project would count as a local contribution toward the match requirement provided that the work was performed on or after July 1, 2015.
4/20/2016 8:25 AM
15Can a project be broken down into smaller components from the overall renovation? For instance, if a project raised $50,000 could they put that into a $100,000 staircase project. Or, if a project raised $500,000 we could put that towards a $1,000,000 site package (parking, driveways, grading, etc). This assumes the overall project budget is $3,000,000; as an example.Yes, but the proposed project scope must, on its own, meet the criteria set forth in the grant guidelines. The scope—even if it is for one phase of a larger overall project—must (1) increase the supply of seats, (2) service specific unmet student needs, and (3) show innovation in design and potential as a successful, replicable school model. For additional detail see Section III (B): Project Scope and Criteria in the grant guidelines. The phase examples given in the question would be ineligible because each—on its own—fails to meet the three criteria.4/20/2016 11:35 AM
16Do other equity instruments such as federal (but not state) historic tax credits and new market tax credits (both state and federal) count towards the 50% local match?See Q/A #14. 4/20/2016 11:35 AM
17Is there a way to apply for work in this round for schools to be opened in fall of 2017? The grant information stated that funds could be spent up until June 30, 2018, a window during which a school could open for that school year under a high-quality operator. Eligibility of schools and operators is based on eligibility requirements set forth in the guidelines. Newly established schools are defined as schools beginning operation in 2015-2016 or 2016-2017 and are required to have a binding contract with an identified high performing operator.4/25/2016 10:23 AM
18For the required match, what is preferred documentation? Would a commitment letter from a fundraising nonprofit guaranteeing the funds serve as an irrevocable written pledge? Should the commitment letter specifically state the school and purpose of funds? Section C. of the grant guidelines identify acceptable documentation for the full funding and local match requirements. A commitment letter from a fundraising organization may serve as a written guaranty provided that the guaranty is unconditional and the guarantor is a credit-worthy organization. The letter should specify the details of the guaranty, including the school, the amount, and the purpose of the funds.4/25/2016 10:24 AM
19For the local match, do we need to have the funds in hand or does that also extend to June of 2018 along with the expenses? For example, if we are in the middle of a capital campaign, do we need to show signed pledge forms when we submit the grant application, or can we continue to solicit during the time of the project and as long as we meet the goals, it can count for reimbursement?See Section III(C)(1) of the grant guidelines: “The Community School’s grant application must demonstrate that the funds to pay for at least half of the proposed Project have been raised. ‘Raised’ means written pledges from credit-worthy entities, written funding commitments from governmental entities and/or written guaranties and/or cash receipts, or a combination of these supported by evidence to the Commission staff’s satisfaction.”4/25/2016 10:25 AM
20Is there a requirement, or will additional points be given to, applications that provide drawings (in addition to the cost estimate and schedule) for each project being completed? The inclusion or absence of drawings will not affect points given. 4/25/2016 3:50 PM
21If a project is contingent upon the purchase of a building, but the purchase has not been confirmed yet, does that impact the application? All other things being equal, a proposed project contingent on a real estate acquisition that has not yet been completed may be scored lower than a proposal in which (1) the real estate acquisition has been completed or (2) there exists a valid executed purchase option. 4/25/2016 3:51 PM
22Regarding tax credit allocations, does the full allocation amount count towards the local match?Federal tax credit equity would count toward the local match; however, tax-credit financing may not be compatible with this grant program. Many tax-credit deal structures require all or most of the assets to be transferred to a limited liability company (an LLC). Under this program, ownership of the state-funded improvements must remain with the school, not with an LLC, over the 10-year term of the grant agreement. 4/25/2016 3:51 PM
23Prompt F3 mentions a management contract as part of an attachment. If contracts are set to renew in July, will the current contract suffice as the application is due before renewal? Yes; however, all other things being equal, a proposal in which the management contract has been renewed would be scored higher than a proposal in which the management contract is approaching the date of expiry. 4/26/2016 2:29 PM
24Can you clarify the ownership requirements? The grant application asks if you own or lease (showing the 10-year requirement) and the grant agreement states the following:

5.2 Ownership The Community School shall own or have the right or option to use and occupy any facility that is purchased, constructed, or modified by grant funds received for the Project for a minimum of ten years from the date of final disbursement of the Grant Amount.

The answer to Question #22 indicates that the agreement requires ownership for the term. This seems like conflicting information so am hoping you can clarify.
Schools are not required to own the building to be eligible to apply. The response to Question #22 was in the context of tax credits for schools who are building owners.4/28/2016 12:44 PM
25Our organization is an eligible operator as listed on the OFCC site that has new schools opening in 2017, however the construction for the new schools would be complete before the grant is awarded or controlling board approved. Are we still able to apply for the grant and therefore be reimbursed for construction, if grant is approved?Updated Yes. Reimbursement for eligible expenses incurred after the effective date of the enabling legislation (July 1, 2015) will be allowed; however, schools opening in 2017 (for the 2017-2018 academic year) are not eligible for the funds.5/4/2016 1:50 PM
26Who should the letters/statements (e.g., Educational Use Assurance, Payback Assurance, etc.) be addressed to? Please address the referenced letters to:
Ms. Jean Stephenson, CPPO, C.P.M.
Grants and Procurement Administrator
Ohio Facilities Construction Commission
30 W. Spring Street, 4th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
5/5/2016 1:15 PM
27The Educational Use Assurance reads "Full credit will be given for an appropriate letter or statement signed by the property owner, sponsor, and/or other third party, to be included as part of the grant agreement." Can the full five points be awarded to a letter signed by the property owner and the sponsor (without including a third party)? Yes.5/5/2016 1:15 PM
28The Payback Assurance reads "Full credit will be given for an appropriate letter or statement signed by the property owner, sponsor, and/or other third party, to be included as part of the grant agreement." Can the full five points be awarded to a letter signed by the property owner and the sponsor (without including a third party)? Yes.5/5/2016 1:16 PM
29Does the Builder's Risk policy need to be in place at the time of application, or does providing documentation that a Builder's Risk policy will be in place if/When the project is funded suffice? (there is no reason to have Builder's Risk policy unless the project is funded)No. A builder’s risk policy does not need to be in place at the time of application unless the proposed project is already under construction.5/5/2016 1:16 PM
30Does the Commercial General liability and property insurance, in an amount sufficient to cover the full replacements costs of the improvements funded need to be in place at the time of application, or does providing documentation that these requirements will be in place if/When the project is funded suffice? No. Commercial general liability and property insurance does not need to be in place at the time of application; however, the applicant must confirm their ability to secure coverage at the time the grant agreement is signed. 5/5/2016 1:17 PM
31Question P11 only applies to schools that are leasing their facility. Will there be an N/A option for P11?Yes. Please see the revised application and Addendum 1 dated May 10, 2016 that now includes an N/A option.5/10/2016 9:56 AM
32As requested in question F4, are there specific requirements for the sponsor fiscal reviews?There are no requirements more specific than what is included in ORC Section 3314.023 which states, “a representative of the sponsor of a community school shall meet with the governing authority or fiscal officer of the school and shall review the financial and enrollment records of the school at least once every month. Not later than ten days after each review, the sponsor shall provide the governing authority and fiscal officer with a written report regarding the review. Copies of those financial and enrollment records shall be furnished to the community school sponsor and operator, members of the governing authority, and the fiscal officer designated in section 3314.011 of the Revised Code on a monthly basis.” 5/10/2016 12:51 PM
33I am officially requesting for the commission to review our eligibility for this grant. As a 9-12 High school, we do not have a value added data reported in our report card and we have a "C" for our performance index score. I would like us to be eligible for the grant.On this particular eligibility topic, the determination of eligibility is not within the Commission’s discretion. Eligibility of existing community schools is set forth in HB64 and requires specific academic measures from the local report card. If a community school does not have the combination of local report card measures as outlined in statute, the community school is not eligible to apply for the grant opportunity.5/10/2016 12:52 PM
34The OFCC is requesting net position ratios to determine financial strength. I wanted to ask how to approach this with the new net pension liability (NPL) that our state retirement systems now require. This line item caused our organization to have a significant negative net position. When we are compiling our financial information, what is the best practice for providing the financial ratios requested, considering the issue cited above? Could I back out the NPL from our financial statements and provide an adjusted net position ratio? This will give the OFCC a better view of our financial health and strength. My guess is that other community schools applying for this grant will have similar issues due to the NPL requirement.Please provide the ratios using GAAP figures. You may also submit modified numbers if you include a description of your modification(s).5/11/2016 1:55 PM
35Is there a consideration for amending the funding application to make it possible for eligible operators planning for an IRN and expansion of seats for the 2017-2018 school year to apply for the funding? The 4-20-2016 release of eligible operators list makes it impossible to obtain an IRN for a 2016 -2017 expansion. Quality operators utilize careful preparation and a reasonable timeline to implement the necessary phases for a successful expansion.No, the current legislation does not allow for grants to community schools opening in the 2017-2018 school year. 5/12/2016 8:35 AM
36I know that a school is required to have an IRN to apply, but what if the process is still coming to a close by the time we submit our application? Could we reference some type of request number or our contract so that OFCC can confirm our IRN is in process?Please see response #13. 5/13/2016 4:34 PM
37Is there a maximum amount of applications an eligible operator can apply for, for schools opening in 17?Only “newly established” community schools contracted with an eligible high performing operator are eligible to apply. For the purposes of this grant, “newly established” is defined as community schools that started operation in the 2015-2016 academic year or community schools beginning operation in the 2016-2017 academic year.5/13/2016 4:45 PM
38We are applying for the classroom facilities grant, and have a question about the required title insurance policy. If we have a policy in place for previously completed work, may we use the existing policy, or do we need to obtain a new title policy specifically for this project?A title insurance policy is not a requirement of the application and will not be considered in the evaluation; however, the Commission may request a title insurance policy for the proposed project later as a condition of the grant agreement. 5/16/2016 1:54 PM
39My question is in regard to the certification that there are no Restrictions of Record. What constitutes “Certification” (e.g., who certifies? The Board Chair? A lawyer? A representative of a County office? Is there a particular form or format?) that the project “is, and will be, free from any Restrictions of Record with respect to the Premises of the Project, including without limitation, any encumbrances, liens or other matters.”A duly authorized representative of the governing authority will satisfy the certification requirement when executing the grant agreement. See section 4.4 of the agreement for the representations and warranties the community school provides in connection with the restrictions of record.5/16/2016 1:55 PM
40There seems to be a discrepancy between two answers in the Q&A and I just want to clarify. Answer 17 does not include schools opening in 2017, but answer 25 suggests that high-quality operators can open a new school in 2017 with support from the grant. Please confirm and provide guidance on how to answer the IRN question on the cover page of the application.The Commission will reimburse for eligible expenditures incurred after July 1, 2015; however, schools opening in 2017 (for the 2017-2018 academic year) are not eligible for the funds. Response #25 has been updated.5/17/2016 2:41 PM
41Our project will create a newly established community school that replicates a current model. The new school will be located on two campuses (ORC 3314.05 allows community schools to be located in multiple facilities under the same contract and IRN). How do we enter multiple addresses under question P6? Enter the community school’s primary project location in Question P6, and describe the scope of the entire project in question C2. 5/17/2016 4:04 PM
42If a school plans to lease a building, but is not in an official agreement yet, what should we provide as part of the application?If a lease agreement is not in place at the time of application, the Commission may accept an executed option to lease between the owner and the community school. The evaluation of the application can proceed with the option to lease, but the lease agreement would have to be executed as a condition of grant approval. Please see the revised application and addendum 2 dated May 18, 2016 that updates question P10.5/18/2016 11:46 AM
43Does the OSFC Community Schools Grant Application require a resolution from the governing authority before submitting the application or is that required only if approved and the OFSC moves to the grant agreement stage?A signed resolution from the community school’s governing authority supporting the proposed project is required to be submitted with the application. Please see question P7. 5/18/2016 11:47 AM
44Regarding the local match requirement, a recent answer describes “written pledges from credit-worthy entities … supported by evidence to the Commission staff’s satisfaction.” Can you provide an example of a credit-worthy entity? For example, how does the Commission want applicants to verify pledges from individual donors?A credit-worthy entity is one in which you have a high degree of confidence that it will follow through on its pledged payments. The community school should use its discretion and—if necessary—discount the total pledged amount with an allowance for uncollectable pledges in accordance with GAAP. The guidelines require copies of the signed pledges to verify (1) full funding and (2) local contributions toward the matching requirement. 5/18/2016 11:47 AM
45If the total requested amount of all grant applications does not meet $25 million, will all applications still be scored and ranked? For example, if the requested funds total $20 million from all submitted applications, will the review committee still rank and eliminate applicants that have met the criteria and have only scored Meets in each category?All applications will undergo an initial review. Applications passing the initial review will move on to the evaluation and scoring of the secondary criteria questions, and will be scored and ranked accordingly. The Commission and Department of Education reserve the right to offer grant awards in the entire amount of the application, or for a lesser amount at their sole discretion.5/19/2016 11:48 AM
46Is there an exclusion list for ineligible expenses? Can expenses be utilized for lease payments?Expenses incurred for the purchase, construction, reconstruction, renovation, remodeling, or addition to classroom facilities are eligible for reimbursement. There is no exclusion list for ineligible expenses. Operating expenses such as lease payments are ineligible for reimbursement.5/19/2016 11:58 AM
47Our school was able to purchase our school campus with a large donation. The closing occurred prior to July 1, 2015, with a one-year note for $300,000 to the seller; however, immediate renovation was needed to add classrooms and address handicapped accessibility. We obtained a loan to perform this work, pay off the remaining promissory note, and establish a maintenance fund. This loan was closed after July 1, 2015. Must the loan be paid off for us to compete for the OFSC Facilities Grant? Could we include half of the promissory note as part of our request?Having an outstanding loan does not necessarily preclude grant application or approval. The Commission will reimburse for eligible expenditures incurred after July 1, 2015. Debt retirement is not an eligible expenditure and would not be eligible for reimbursement.5/23/2016 3:27 PM
48Our school has contracted with a licensed design professional to secure schematic and design documents for the second of two phases of renovations. The construction documents (sufficient for building permits) have not been developed at this point, pending funding for Phase II. Based on the completion of our preliminary drawings, we are able to submit a construction budget, timeline, and preliminary critical path. Does this level of specificity meet the standard of the RFP?Yes.5/24/2016 8:19 AM
49Does the addition of a high school as a part of a currently operating school and beginning with grade 9 in 2016-2017 qualify as a new community school? Thank you.For the purposes of the Community School Classroom Facilities Grant, newly established schools include community schools with an agreement to implement a learning model offered by a high performing operator that opened for operation either during the 2015-2016 school year or are opening for operation during the 2016-2017 school. Community schools that opened before the 2015-2016 school year seeking to expand facilities in order to serve additional grade levels must meet the criteria described in the legislation for an existing community school.5/24/2016 8:28 AM
50With respect to question F4, is the expectation that the school submit the governing authority approved financial statements for each month in fiscal years 2015 and 2016? It seems this would be required to meet the clause "and the sponsor's monthly fiscal reviews of those financial statements." Please note that each month's financial packet is between 12-16 pages. Would it be appropriate and would full credit be given if the June 2015 financial statement, which includes year-to-date information, and April 2016 (the latest available for FY 2016) financial statements be submitted rather than submitting financial statements for every month in FY2015 and FY2016?Please submit governing authority-approved annual financial statements (or fiscal year-to-date if the fiscal year-end information is not yet available) for the fiscal years 2015 and 2016 and include the monthly fiscal reviews.5/24/2016 8:52 AM
51We currently lease our building. We are planning to purchase this building, and we want to expand our school by adding classrooms and a gym next to the main building. Does the grant apply to purchasing an existing (leased) building? Also, does the grant apply to constructing an extension building with classrooms and a gym in it?Expenses incurred for the purchase, construction, reconstruction, renovation, remodeling, or addition to classroom facilities are eligible for reimbursement if the proposed project scope meets the criteria set forth in the grant guidelines. The scope must (1) increase the supply of seats, (2) service specific unmet student needs, and (3) show innovation in design and potential as a successful, replicable school model. (For additional detail see Section III (B): Project Scope and Criteria in the grant guidelines.) Secondary criteria questions will be scored to reflect the proposed scope in relation to the desired outcomes (e.g., C2 and C3).5/26/2016 11:38 AM
52Is temporary space, necessary for a school to remain open during construction periods, an allowable project cost? Spaces such as trailers or rented building space will allow the school to serve students while the permanent space is completed during the school year. I understand that rent is an ongoing cost and not allowable, but what about creation of a temporary space while the larger, permanent project is completed?Swing space would be an eligible construction cost, but the seats in the swing space wouldn’t count as additional seats because they are not permanent.5/27/2016 8:40 AM
53Can the applicant’s contact information and signee include a representative from the charter management organization or must it be someone from the school? The applicant's contact information and signature of the applicant must be from someone from the community school. 5/31/2016 8:46 AM
54If our project includes the conversion of a cafeteria to an assembly area used for programs and tutoring, in addition to the lunch program, can it be considered adding additional instructional space? This conversion requires modification to the lighting, seating, and reducing noise levels, and finishing the ceiling area. This will meet code requirements for the city building officials to change the use from "exclusively cafeteria" to the above expanded uses. To increase student enrollment, the capacity of the cafeteria has to be increased for both lunch and to permit additional tutoring programs. Multi-function spaces may count toward increasing the number of seats if at least one of the functions is instructional in nature. To facilitate scoring, convert multi-function seats to their full-time seat equivalent when responding to question C3. The OFCC views a full-time equivalent seat as the facilities and resources required to instruct one student full-time over an entire school year. For example, if the project will add 30 multi-functional seats and will be used for instruction 20 percent of the time, then the full-time seat equivalent would equal six (i.e., 30 * 0.20 = 6). To determine the instruction percentage, divide the annual number of hours the multi-function seat will be used for instruction by 920 hours (the 920-hour figure is the ODE-issued guidance for a minimum number of hours of learning opportunities per year for a community school student). Please include your assumptions behind the calculation. 5/31/2016 8:47 AM
55I have been trying to access this the Eligibility, Data Submission and Review Process link on the Community Schools Classroom Facilities Grant page and have been getting a Server error. Can you please check this?The link to the document has been re-established and is now available on the OFCC grants webpage under Program Resources. 5/31/2016 11:21 AM
56Our question is about the Restrictive Covenant. In our case, the Community School has purchased the facility (there are two outstanding mortgages). Is the Restrictive Covenant also required for schools that have purchased (or mortgaged) their facility? If so, is there an applicable form or language that you can provide? Yes. The restrictive covenant is a requirement for all community schools. An example of restrictive covenant language acceptable to the Commission is now posted under Program Resources on the OFCC Community Schools Classroom Facilities Grants webpage for your review.6/1/2016 2:13 PM
57Is there an order for supporting documents (financials, bids, quotes, resolution, lease agreement) to be included in the application and should supporting documents have page numbers that are in sync with the application (i.e. application pages 1-15, financials pages 16-100, board resolution page 101, etc.)? There is no required format for applicants to follow regarding the inclusion of additional attachments or supplemental documents to the applications; however, the Commission requests that any additional documentation clearly reference back to the corresponding question in order to assist in the scoring process.6/6/2016 8:42 AM
58In reviewing and preparing a response for F2 on the Community School Grant Application, what year’s financial information should be utilized for the “Additional desirable information questions and ratios?As question F2 states, “the three most recent years as available.”6/6/2016 9:51 AM
59Our LEA has a lease for a separate facility that will open as a middle school in August 2016. We are not requesting any funds for this facility as we only have a seven year lease with an option to exit the lease with a two year notice. Does this lease need to be cited as a "material financial liability" in F4?You should disclose the lease and its terms; however, it may not necessarily affect the overall scoring of question F4.6/6/2016 11:57 AM
60I'm trying to finish up our Classroom Grant application and am running into difficulty with formatting. If I'm understanding correctly, applicants are to use the Grant Application, typing in responses where indicated.

1. Are we to submit pages 8 through the end as our Grant Application?

2. Is it the intention for the applicant to check the boxes in P1-P12 by hand? The boxes are un-editable.

3. Could you possibly provide the code to unlock the document? The problem is that enumeration is being added to text that I cannot edit (for example, the bullets in E1., E2, and so on now have numbers and I am unable to convert them back to bullets). This will make it confusing to the reviewers. I spent hours today transfering all the narratives from the document I was working in into a newly downloaded Grant Application, and the same problem occurred. I want to be conscientious is using the correct format.

4. Is it the intent to leave in all the informational/guiding text, or is it permissible to delete this out (if given the code to unlock the document).
1. Yes, plus all additional documentation and attachments.

2. No, the grant application and instruction documents were created using Microsoft Office 365 software. If you are experiencing difficulty electronically checking responses for questions P1-12, the issue may be due to your use of an older Microsoft Office software version. If you cannot check directly in the boxes indicated, please place the “X” next to the appropriate check box. If you continue to have difficulty, hand-checked responses for questions P1-P12 are acceptable.

3. The revised application dated May 18, 2016 has been unlocked in the affected areas to alleviate this issue and should allow for easier data entry and formatting.

4. Deleting informational/guiding text is not permissible.
6/6/2016 12:07 PM
61Our school completed Phase I of a two phase project in January 2016. We know that we cannot consider any expense paid for prior to July 1, 2015 for reimbursement. The construction company was issued a "progress payment" on June 30, 2015. Can that self-funded amount be considered as part of the local match?No, funds spent on improvements made prior to July 1, 2015 do not count as a local contribution toward the match requirement.6/7/2016 12:04 PM
62Our eligible school has expended funds for renovations already completed. Should those funds reflected on page 15, prompt F1 only, or should those projects and costs also be included in the project application prompt C1? If the funds were expended after July 1, 2015 and are part of the project you are proposing, please include them in F1 and C1.6/8/2016 9:20 AM
63To substantiate the funds our school will provide for the match, is narrative in the application alone sufficient or are attachments including receipts/invoices/pledges needed? Please see the guidelines for acceptable documentation for local matching contributions.6/8/2016 9:21 AM
64Can you please provide guidance on how to correctly respond to C3 - "Describe how the applicant will increase the supply of seats and quantify how many seats are being added."

1. For the general classrooms, do they count at one FTE for each seat created, or does the time that students are out of the classroom for specialty areas (Art, Music, PE, Science lab, Library), need to be subtracted out for the calculation?

2. Are the number of seats created expected to align with the number of additional students to be served?
1. The time that students are out of the classroom for specialty areas does not need to be subtracted from the classroom seats.

2. The numbers need not be exactly the same but they should be similar.
6/8/2016 1:46 PM
65Our school will have a partner nonprofit supplying the matching funds. Would a letter stating that the donating entity certifies that it has the liquid assets to supply matching funds be enough evidence as an irrevocable written pledge?A letter merely certifying the availability of cash is not tantamount to an irrevocable written pledge to provide the cash.6/9/2016 3:50 PM
66Also, what is the review board looking for in the substantiation column?In question F1, the substantiation column should be used to provide a brief description of what documentation you are attaching to the application.6/9/2016 3:50 PM
67Is there a checklist available for what should be submitted with the grant? The only checklist is on page 7. 6/10/2016 1:33 PM
68Must pages 1-7 of the Grant document be submitted with the application?No.6/10/2016 2:49 PM
69Will there be any more revisions, addendums, etc. after close of business today?Upon the closing of the inquiry period, further revisions, addendums, etc. are not anticipated.6/10/2016 2:50 PM
70Can the grant be used on a new Satellite of an irn? We have several schools with new and additional locations, yet the same irn for the locations.All applications that involve multiple locations must comply with ORC 3314.05. Answer #41 provides guidance on completing the application.6/13/2016 4:28 PM