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The application period is now closed. The deadline to apply was August 31, 2017. The deadline to submit for reimbursement is May 31, 2018.

Lead Fixture Replacement Assistance Grant FAQ
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1What is the program about?The Lead Plumbing Fixture Replacement Assistance Grants Program was established in House Bill HB390 to provide $12 million in funding to eligible schools to reimburse for the sampling, assessment and materials only replacement of drinking fountains, water coolers, plumbing fixtures, and limited connected piping.

Which schools qualify to participate?

Schools built before 1990 can apply for reimbursement up to $15,000 for sampling and assessments of eligible fixtures and the material costs to replace those fixtures if they are identified as being over the federal action level for lead. The program is open to traditional public schools, community schools and chartered non-public schools.

Eligible traditional public school types are:

  • City
  • Exempted Village
  • Local
  • Joint Vocational

How do lead samples need to be taken?

Please see the approved sampling protocol.


Where should samples be sent to be analyzed?

Ohio EPA has a list of certified laboratories available online, or eligible schools can utilize the state contract established for this purpose once it is awarded.


How does a school apply for reimbursement?

Through the lead plumbing fixture replacement assistance grants application system, you may electronically enter your school’s information and upload the appropriate documentation that provides evidence that the sampling/testing/fixture replacement was completed.


What is the time frame for the grant program?

Eligible schools that have tested for lead any time after January 1, 2016, are eligible to receive reimbursement.


What fixtures are eligible for replacement?

Any drinking water fountain, sink or other fixture that has drinking water above the federal action level of 15 ppb of lead is eligible for replacement, unless the fixture has been recalled.


Where can I find a copy of the Grant Program Guidelines and original legislation establishing the grant program?


When does the Lead Plumbing Fixture Replacement Assistance Grants Program time frame begin and end?

This information will be available soon.


What is the timeline to receive approved reimbursement of funds?

Once the Commission has approved your request for reimbursement of funds, the anticipated timeline for payment is no later than 30 days.


How do I access the state term contract for lead sampling and testing services? What if I do not wish to utilize the state contract?

A link to the state term contract will soon be available from the Commission's lead grants web page. The contract provides a convenient way for eligible schools to purchase these services, but its use is not mandatory. If your school does not wish to utilize the state contract, it must still use an EPA-certified lab in order to seek reimbursement for any sampling and testing conducted. A list of these labs is available online here.


Does the state term contract also contain pricing for replacement fixtures?

No, the contract contains pricing for sampling and testing services only. Replacement parts and fixtures are available from many vendors, and obtaining this pricing will be the responsibility of the school.


Will districts/grants applications be prioritized?

Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.


If we incur expenses in July 2016 or August 2016, are these reimbursable?

Yes they are. This online brochure (page 2) under “How does my school apply?” explains more about it.


Is there a list of eligible schools?

There is no list of eligible schools, but according to the legislation, the school has to be housed in a building constructed before 1990.


What are the "certain plumbing fixtures"?

The approved guidelines offer direction on what plumbing fixtures would be eligible.


Is there a master list of recalled water fountains/coolers available?

A master list of recalled water fountains/coolers is available in Appendix E on page 86 of the U.S. EPA's Lead Toolkit. The state will not reimburse fixtures found on this list.


The grant program states funding is available for sampling of eligible fixtures and the material costs to replace those fixtures if they are identified as being over the federal action level for lead. Can you tell me what is the federal action level for lead?

The federal action level for lead in drinking water is 15 parts per billion (ppb).


If our school had a 1-liter sample tested prior to the published protocol (250 ml sample) dated July 14, 2016, are we eligible for reimbursement?

Yes, as long as the rest of the protocol was followed.