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The application period is now closed. The deadline to apply was August 31, 2017. The deadline to submit for reimbursement is May 31, 2018.

Sampling and Testing for Lead in Drinking Water

Schools that sampled for lead in drinking water fixtures between Jan. 1-July 2016 using existing Ohio EPA (OEPA) guidelines can submit the analysis and get reimbursed for sampling and fixture replacements.

The document below provides an overview of the sampling guidelines and reporting protocol that must be followed from July 2016 forward by schools that want to participate in the program and get reimbursed for sampling and fixture replacements. Drinking water assessments must be performed by a commercial laboratory certified by the OEPA and consistent with OEPA’s guidelines.

Please note: Laboratories must have "lead" or "trace metals" listed in the Inorganics column of the table linked below.