Standard Forms

Concept Development Forms

Form Title Date Number
OAKS CI Application for Access[DOCX] 2016-APR F010-01-CI
OAKS CI New Vendor Information[DOCX] 2012-SEP F010-02-CI
OAKS CI Project Information (Agency/Higher Ed)[DOCX] 2019-JUN F010-03-CI
OAKS CI Project Information (K12 School Project) [DOCX] 2019-MAR F010-04-CI 
Project Construction Fund Summary (K12) [XLS] 2012-SEP F050-02
Request for Local Administration [DOCX] 2012-SEP F070-01
Application for Higher Education Certification [XLS] 2017-JAN F070-02
Locally Funded Initiative (LFI) MOU Worksheet (K12) [XLS] 2012-SEP F070-04
Locally Funded Initiative Template (K12) [DOCX] 2017-JAN F070-05
Swing Space MOU (K12) [DOCX] 2012-SEP F105-01

Procurement Forms

Form Title Date Number
Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) Templates
A/E RFQ [DOCX] 2020-JUN F110-02
Criteria A/E RFQ [DOCX] 2015-OCT F110-53
CM Adviser RFQ [DOCX] 2015-OCT F120-07
Planning Services RFQ [DOCX]) 2015-OCT F130-07
Commissioning Agent RFQ [DOCX]) 2015-OCT F130-08
CM at Risk RFQ [DOCX] 2020-JUN F170-01
Design Build RFQ [DOCX] 2020-JUN F180-01
RFQ Rating Rubric [PDF] 2013-SEP F199-01
RFQ Question-Answer Template [DOCX] 2012-DEC F110-17
Equal Employment Opportunity Requirements [DOCX] 2012-SEP F110-06
EDGE Participation / Intent to Perform [DOCX] 2012-SEP F110-12
EDGE Participation / Demonstration of Good Faith Effort [DOCX] 2012-SEP F110-13
EDGE Compliance Complaint [DOCX] 2014-NOV F110-15
Professional Services Shortlist-Selection Report [DOCX] 2012-SEP F110-18
Statement of Qualifications [DOCX] 2019-MAR F110-330
Technical Proposal Guidelines - A/E [DOCX] 2017-SEP M110-93
Budget Adjustment Financial Summary Report Example (K-12) [XLS] 2012-SEP F120-01
Request for Verification- Builders Risk Insurance (K-12) [XLS] 2017-MAR F120-02
Using the Contract SOV Import Template [PDF] 2012-OCT M140-03-CI
Running the Contract SOV Macro [PDF] 2012-OCT M140-04-CI
Chartfield Form Job Aid [PDF]  N/A N/A

OAKS CI SOV Templates are now located under OAKS CI page:

Design Forms

Form Title Date Number
Professional Services Payment Request [XLS] 2013-MAR F205-01
CM Adviser Payment Request [XLS] 2013-MAR F205-02
Bid Tabulation Form [XLS] 2012-SEP F250-01
Bid Budget Spreadsheet (K-12) [XLS] 2012-SEP F250-03
Certification of Contract Requirements (K-12) [XLS] 2013-JAN F250-04
Delinquent Personal Property Tax Affidavit (K-12) [PDF] 2014-SEP F250-05
Tax Exempt Certificate [DOCX] 2012-SEP F250-11
Phase Submission Form (K-12) [XLS] 2012-SEP F299-01
Design Service Acceptance [DOCX] 2012-SEP F299-02
Site Policy Evaluation Checklist (K-12) [DOCX] 2012-SEP F299-03
Technology Phase Submission (K-12) [XLS] 2012-SEP F299-04
Technology Review and Budget Transmittal (K-12) [DOCX] 2013-AUG F299-05
Technology Phase Submission Requirements (K-12) [DOCX] 2013-AUG F299-06
Technology Review Comments-Drawings (K-12) [DOCX] 2013-AUG F299-07
Technology Review Comments-Specifications (K-12 [DOCX] 2013-AUG F299-08
OSDM Technology and Security Checklist (K-12) [DOCX] 2014-APR F299-09

Construction Forms

Form Title Date Number
Subcontractor & Material Supplier Declaration [DOCX] 2012-SEP F310-01
Material Stored Off Site [XLS] 2012-SEP F310-08
Contractor Payment Request [XLS] 2013-MAY F330-01
Contractor Payment Request - Short Version [XLS] 2015-SEP F330-02
Certified Payroll Report - Prevailing Wage [XLS] 2018-DEC F330-03
Certified Payroll Report - Non-Prevailing Wage [XLS] 2018-DEC F330-04
Drug Free Safety Program Certification (K-12) [DOCX] 2012-SEP F330-05
CM at Risk / Design-Builder Application for Payment [XLS] 2019-AUG F330-07
Request for Interpretation [DOCX] 2012-SEP F340-01
Change Order [XLSX] 2019-SEP F340-04
Change Directive [DOCX] 2015-SEP F340-06
Preconstruction Services Amendment Form
Preconstruction Services Amendment Form - CM at Risk Project [DOCX] 2016-MAR F340-10
Preconstruction Services Amendment Form - Design-Build Project [DOCX] 2016-MAR F340-11
Preconstruction Services Amendment Form - K-12 CM at Risk Project [DOCX] 2016-MAR F340-13
Preconstruction Services Amendment Form - K-12 Design-Build Project [DOCX] 2016-MAR F340-14
Field Observation Report [DOCX] 2020-JUN F350-01
Certification of Contract Completion [DOCX] 2012-SEP F390-01
Certification of Warranty Commencement [DOCX] 2012-SEP F390-02
Certification of Equipment Demonstration [DOCX] 2012-SEP F390-03
Payment Release Affidavit - Prevailing Wage [DOCX] 2016-JUL F390-04
Payment Release Affidavit - Non-Prevailing Wage [DOCX] 2016-JUL F390-06
Certificate of Substantial Completion [DOCX] 2014-NOV F390-05
Notice of Commencement of Public Improvement [DOCX] (non-notarized) 2020-MAR F640-01
Notice of Commencement of Public Improvement [DOCX] (notarized) 2014-NOV F640-01

Post-Construction Forms

Form Title Date Number
Closeout Calculator 7.0 (K-12) [XLS] 2013-JAN F499-04
Energy Annual Savings Report Template [DOCX] 2014-DEC F499-06
Example School District Financial Report (K-12) [PDF] 2013-JAN M499-03
Project Agreement Closeout Process and Timeline (K-12) [PDF] 2014-APR M499-04

Miscellaneous Forms

Form Title Date Number
State of Ohio Subcontract Form (Must be used with General Contracting, CM at Risk, and Design-Build Projects)
Subcontract Form - General Contracting Project [DOCX] 2016-OCT C190-00 52 14
Subcontract Form - CM at Risk Project [DOCX] 2016-OCT C190-00 52 34
Subcontract Form - Design-Build Project [DOCX] 2016-OCT C190-00 52 54
Construction CPM Schedule Specification [DOCX] 2012-DEC M310-11
Allowance/Procedure for CPM Schedule Specification [DOCX] 2012-DEC M310-12
Implementation Plan (K-12 School) [XLS] 2017-SEP M010-02
Public Bid Advertisement [DOCX] 2017-MAY M299-01
Public Bid Advertisement (eBid) [DOCX] 2014-JUN M299-03
Event Notification [DOCX] 2012-SEP F820-05
Performance Evaluation [DOCX] 2014-APR F899-02
OSDM Order Form [DOCX] 2015-JUN F910-01
EDGE Requirements Checklist [DOCX] 2012-SEP M970-01
OBM Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization [Web Link] N/A N/A
IRS W-9 Form [Web Link] N/A N/A
OBM Vendor Information Form [Web Link] N/A N/A

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