Public Records Requests

It is the position of the Commission that openness leads to a better informed public, resulting in improved government and more reasoned public policy.

It is the policy of the Commission to strictly adhere to the state’s Public Records Act (Ohio Revised Code §149.43 and applicable case law) and to construe possible exemptions to the Records Act in their narrowest sense.

Upon request, and in accordance with ORC Chapter 149, the Commission shall make public records available for inspection or provide copies to the requester within a reasonable period of time. Paper copies of requested records are provided at the cost of $.05 (five cents) per page or, in the case of voluminous requests, the actual cost as charged by the commercial copy center of the requestor’s choice. There is no charge for records provided electronically. Requestors may specify which option they prefer.

Requestors may make requests:

  • In person at the Commission office
  • Via telephone to (614) 466-6290
  • Via FAX to (614) 466-7749
  • Via email to

Please note that records may contain information that must be withheld pursuant to ORC Chapters 149 and 1347 or that some records may be exempt from release in their entirety. Reasons for any such withholding or redaction are provided at the time of the inspection or at the time the copies are provided.

A copy of the Commission’s Public Records Policy may be found here. Questions regarding the Commission's Public Records Policy may be addressed to:

  • J.C. Benton, Communications Manager
  • Matt Westerman, Senior Legal Counsel