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OFCC files proposed rules

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The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission will hold a public hearing on Friday, December 8, 2017 at 10:00 am.  The hearings will include 10 administrative rules under Administrative Code Sections 3318 and 153 that will be enacted, amended or rescinded.  The three (3) rules to be amended include changes to the membership of the Commission and what constitutes a quorum, along with one that changes the definition of personal,  confidential information for employees.  There are five (5) rules to be rescinded due to the merger of the Ohio School Facilities Commission and the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.  Two (2) other rules will be renewed with no changes.  Further information can be obtained from the links below.

Notice of Public Hearing: December 08, 2017
Draft Rule 153:1-1-01 | No change | Announcement of contracts.
Draft Rule 153:1-1-02 | No change | Prequalification of professional design firms.

Notice of Public Hearing: December 08, 2017
Draft Rule 3318:1-01 | Amend | Commission members.
Draft Rule 3318:1-02 | Amend | Commission meetings.
Draft Rule 3318:2-04 | Amend | Confidentiality status.
Draft Rule 3318:1-2-01 | Rescind | Assessing personal confidential information: definitions.
Draft Rule 3318:1-2-02 | Rescind | Procedure for accessing personal confidential information.
Draft Rule 3318:1-2-03 | Rescind | Valid reason for accessing confidential personal information.
Draft Rule 3318:1-2-04 | Rescind | Confidentiality statutes.
Draft Rule 3318:1-2-05 | Rescind | Restricting and logging access to confidential personal information in computerized information systems.

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