OAKS Capital Improvements (OAKS CI)

OAKS Capital Improvements (OAKS CI) is a construction management system for State of Ohio-sponsored capital improvement projects.

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OAKS CI Background

OAKS CI is a web-based system, sponsored by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, which makes data readily available, ensures project communication and collaboration, and reduces the potential for litigation. Currently, it provides EDGE (Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity) participation reporting for construction projects and construction vendors.

OAKS CI is available at no cost to all school districts, state-funded agencies, and institutions of higher education. The functional scope includes: collaborative management involving all of the project team; integration from conceptual planning and design through procurement, project execution, and closeout; document approval and tracking through workflow based on OFCC processes; budget control and cost tracking; dynamic change management functionality that feeds budget management; shared document repository reducing printing, handling, and mailing; and powerful reporting and information query tools.

The OAKS CI system upgrade will take place in the next few weeks.  This upgrade will be a major change to how you view and navigate OAKS CI.  If you have not already done so, please review Installment 1 of the OAKS CI preview and preview Installment 3.  

Installment 1 (Navigation) - New Look & Feel Video - New Look & Feel [PDF]

Installment 2 (Handling your Tasks) -  Handling Tasks Video - Handling Tasks [PDF]

Installment 3 (Document Manager) - Document Manager Video - Document Manager [PDF]