The construction reform rules below have adopted in the Ohio Administrative Code as new, amended, or no-change and are in effect as of January 13, 2017.

A substantial change occurs in the two rules that govern the best value selection process in division 153:1-6. The change adds language that prohibits a public authority from creating an evaluation team with enough members to constitute a quorum of that public body. This will ensure the integrity and fairness of the evaluation and interview processes of short-listed firms.

The one new rule adjusts the public bidding threshold for state agency and higher education public improvement projects. Ohio Revised Code 153.53 requires the executive director of the Commission to adopt rules for adjusting the monetary threshold for public bidding five years after September 29, 2011 and every five years thereafter. The current threshold is $200,000. The new rule spells out the calculation method and inflation index to use, and sets the new threshold at $215,000.