Cultural Facilities Grant Program Resources


Grant Checklist

Download this grant submittal checklist.

Project Cost Overview

The following list includes categories and types of costs likely to be incurred to build and open your project. These costs are important to keep in mind. Please note that some of these costs are not eligible for Commission reimbursement.

  • Construction costs, including the following:
    • Building construction or improvement
    • Site improvements
    • Environmental remediation
    • Furniture, fixtures and equipment*
    • Exhibits
    • Utilities (tap fees and connections, temporary usage on site, installation to the building)
  • Contingency amounts on all the above (do not lump this into the overall costs)
  • Costs for bonding (security, performance and bid)
  • Costs for professional liability insurance, builders’ risk insurance, workers’ compensation, property/casualty insurance, auto, and commercial liability insurance
  • Costs of land acquisition
  • Construction related professional fees, including the following:
    • Consultant for program of requirements (preliminary planning)
    • Architect/Engineer fees (including professional liability insurance)
    • Construction Manager fees (including professional liability insurance)
  • Costs for permits
  • Costs for testing (i.e., environmental, soils, structural)
  • Owner’s representative fees
  • Construction administration fees
  • Costs for boundary and easement surveys
  • Costs for title work, including title commitment or policy, legal opinion letter or non-disturbance and estoppel agreement.
  • Costs for environmental reviews, assessments and reports
  • Capital project debt for any lines of credit, loans, local bonding, bridge financing or other cash flow mechanisms
  • Administrative professional fees, including the following:
    • Property and commercial general liability insurance during construction
    • Legal fees
    • Accounting and administrative costs during construction
    • Title work, including updated title policies

Administrative Costs

  • Startup costs, including the following:
    • Advertising
    • Financing costs—including local bond issuance, letter of credit or underwriting fees, interest expense
    • Fundraising
    • Temporary storage
    • Staff salaries
  • Rent or temporary facilities during construction (including utilities)
  • Utility costs after possession but prior to opening
  • Program development
  • Moving expenses
  • Operating endowment
  • Labor costs – projects must pay Ohio prevailing wages

*If the Commission agrees to fund fixtures, furnishings and equipment, sponsors must maintain and/or replace in kind those items throughout the term of the agreements. All items and replacement items must be tagged and an inventory must be kept.