Lead Plumbing Fixture Replacement Assistance Grant Program - Round 1

drinking fountain

 The deadline to submit for reimbursement is now closed.


The Lead Plumbing Fixture Replacement Assistance Grant Program was established in HB 390 to provide $12,000,000 in funding to eligible schools to reimburse for the sampling and replacement of drinking fountains, water coolers, plumbing fixtures, and limited connected piping. Schools built before 1990 can apply for reimbursement up to $15,000 for sampling of eligible fixtures and the material costs to replace those fixtures if they are identified as being over the federal action level for lead. The program is open to traditional public schools, community schools, and chartered non-public schools. The program and associated funds are not designed to reimburse for any types of whole-school plumbing assessments, post-testing, or any other services outside the program guidelines. For further information, email grants.info@ofcc.ohio.gov.