Energy Services

A worker with solar windowThe Commission's Office of Energy Services provides state agency, higher education, and K-12 school clients with energy engineering and design services, as well as energy auditing and contracting opportunities for the cost-effective, efficient use of energy for government facilities and operations.

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Green Schools

The Green Schools program has been in existence since September 2007, when the Commission adopted the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Schools® as the standard for K-12 school projects. The LEED for Schools Rating System is a comprehensive tool that incorporates design and construction practices including classroom acoustics, indoor air quality, selection of building materials, and energy efficiency.

Florescent Tubes

State Agency Energy Conservation Capital Projects

The Office of Energy Services awards capital money to state agencies to pay for qualifying energy conservation projects. Generally, the project must pay for itself within five years and the project size is usually less than $200,000. The Commission can assist as much or as little as the agency wishes, including evaluation, design, bidding, project management and post-construction verification.

State Agency and Higher Education Energy Performance Contracting

An Energy Savings Performance Contract enables state agencies and higher education facilities to save on utility costs by implementing energy conservation measures that pay for themselves within 15 years.

The Commission administers Energy Savings Performance Contracts for state agencies and higher education facilities. For state agencies, authority for performance contracting is vested in the Commission. For universities, the authority is vested to their Board of Trustees.

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School Energy Performance Contracting

This program allows K-12 school districts to borrow money to make energy-saving facilities improvements. The cost of the improvements may not exceed the savings in energy, operating, and maintenance costs over a 15-year period. This program does not involve state funds. The Commission performs technical reviews on these projects to ensure that the proposed project design is capable of generating adequate savings. It continues to be an extremely popular program with Ohio’s school districts.  

Energy Consultant List

The Office of Energy Services uses the Commission Consultant List process by advertising and pre-qualifying firms on a biennial basis for a variety of scopes of work related to energy projects.