K-12 School Programs

The Commission oversees the planning, development, and construction for the agency’s public K-12 school renovation and building initiative through the Rebuilding Ohio Schools Program. Click here for Rebuilding Ohio Schools Program Infographic.

Building Ohio's Schools: 1997-2018.

Building Ohio's Schools: 1997-2018. To play the video, press on the map.

History of K-12 Program

           History of K-12 Program    Click here to read the story.            

Projects are funded through a number of programs, including:

Alternative Facilities Assistance Program (AFAP)

Under AFAP, OFCC provides a reduced portion of projected state funds to assist eligible districts in constructing expanding, or renovating any classroom facility consistent with the Master Facilities Plan (MFP) and the Ohio School Design Manual (OSDM).

Classroom Facilities Assistance Program (CFAP)

Established in 1997, CFAP eligibility is based on the assessed property valuation per student. That property wealth factor determines the state and local share of the facilities project. CFAP takes a comprehensive approach with local districts by addressing the entire facility needs of a district from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Expedited Local Partnership Program (ELPP)

ELPP gives districts not yet participating in the Classroom Facilities Assistance Program the opportunity to move ahead with portions of their project that best fit the district’s needs at that time. Once a district enters CFAP, they receive credit toward their required local contribution for the work completed under ELPP.

Exceptional Needs Program (ENP)

ENP is a building replacement program that identifies facilities in most need of replacement from among the eligible applicants. Districts submit an application and go through a two-step ranking and evaluation process to determine priority. The program has a single-building orientation, so it will not necessarily fund a district’s entire facility needs (though that may occur in some instances).

Vocational Facilities Assistance Program (VFAP)

This program provides assistance to Joint Vocational School Districts (JVSDs) for the improvement of classroom facilities suitable to their vocational education programs.

Vocational Facilities Assistance Expedited Local Partnership Program (VFAP-ELPP)

This program gives Joint Vocational School Districts the opportunity to move forward with facility improvements prior to their participation in the Vocational Facilities Assistance Program and receive state credit for qualifying expenditures. The program is similar to the Expedited Local Partnership program in other K-12 districts.

Other K-12 Programs

The Commission provides assistance in other ways.The Corrective Action Program, for example, is used to correct or remediate work found to be defective in or omitted from a facility constructed with Commission assistance. The Commission also provides assistance to College Preparatory Boarding Schools and Regional STEM Schools under separate programs administered by the agency.