State Agency Small Capital Projects

Small capital projects under $1.5 million are often not as complicated as larger projects, but do require oversight and close management to be fully successful. How small projects are administered depends upon several key factors:

  1. The value of the project
  2. Whether it’s construction or maintenance/repair
  3. Who can manage the project

Value of the Project

The total value of a project helps determine its procurement path.

Local Administration

For construction projects between $215,000 and $1,500,000, OFCC may grant local administration to state agencies to manage these projects themselves. Agencies must apply for local administration through OAKS-CI. If approved, agencies must follow construction procurement processes under ORC 153. See Section 100 of the OFC Manual [PDF]

Best Practices for Managing a Locally Administered Project

There are a number of ways to efficiently manage a small project to balance quality, cost, and schedule.

Planning: OFCC Planning and Projects help agencies create the quickest and most efficient plan for the entirety of their construction work over the biennium. Which project(s) must come first? How does one project affect others? Can projects be combined by location or trade? Can Controlling Board approval be consolidated for multiple projects? OFCC can assist with determining these answers.

Pre-qualified lists: Agencies can hire a design professional quickly using OFCC Consultant Lists, which have already completed some of the procurement steps, including Controlling Board approval. Using this expedited process, agencies can hire a consultant in as little as two weeks.

Avoiding rebids: Delays from rebids may be traced to unrealistic cost estimates, overly restrictive specifications, or inadequate advertisement. Good planning will minimize these risks. Regarding bidding, agencies may use OFCC’s electronic bidding system to maximize exposure of the bid opportunity to the contractor community, potentially avoiding the need for re-advertising.

Project Management

Depending upon these first two factors, cost and type, projects can be managed by the owner agency, a DAS-contracted third party administrator (TPA), an OFCC Local Administration Consultant (LAC), or by OFCC.

Project Value Project Type Project Management Options
Low High M/R Constr. Agency DAS TPA OFCC
$0 $214,999 X   Yes Yes  
$0 $214,999   X Yes   Yes
$215,000 $1,499,999 X   Yes Yes  
$215,000 $1,499,999   X Yes   Yes
$1,500,000 and above   X     Yes

For more information on submitting projects through the DAS Requisite Procurement Program, see:

Construction or Maintenance/Repair

Construction or Maintenance/Repair

For projects valued above $215,000, OFCC determines whether the project must be awarded and administered as a M/R contract for supplies and services under Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Chapter 125 or as a construction contract under ORC Chapter 153. A number of factors affect the determination, such as:

  • Building component or system affected
  • Need for professional design services
  • Need for permits
  • Whether the outcome returns the building to its original state or an improved state

OFCC will make this determination with information from the owner agency. The information below helps in making the determination.